The GPSLipo procedure utilizes the unique fat mapping feature of the LipoControl laser.  Watch on the video below to see how the on-screen mapping provides essential feedback to the surgeon throughout the procedure.


On the video we see the surgeon using the cannula to outline the  area to be treated and see that a map of the area appears on the monitor.

Then the doctor inserts the cannula and begins moving the laser in the treatment area.  The doctor watches on the monitor to see the energy delivery and to insure laser is contained to the target area.

We can see the heat map on the screen begins to change color:  blue to yellow to indicate increasing energy delivery, and finally changing to red/purple to indicate completion of treatment.

Photo of GPSLipo and LipoControl fat mapping imageThis screen shot image shows how the energy mapping helps to insure complete treatment while minimizing over-treatment.The GPSLipo procedure gives the doctor real feedback during the surgery, rather than depending on manual clues to determine when an area has been completely treated. Even experienced plastic surgeons have commented that it is impossible to “beat the (GPSLipo) machine” in knowing when an area has been optimally treated.Only the GPSLipo procedure with the LipoControl laser utilizes this on-board GPS technology.  Use the comment section below to let us know if you have any questions about this unique device and procedure.  You may also use the links below to learn more.

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