Elements of good TV adYou spend time and money on your TV and print marketing, but does it have the necessary elements to be successful? According to a post on AdSavvy.org,

“The best advertisements, whether TV Commercials or Print Ads, create desire within the potential customer. The goal of an advertisement is to motivate action. Nothing motivates action like desire.

There are many strategies for creating desire in the customer. An ad usually has about 10-30 seconds to accomplish the goal. During that time, here are 5 things that all good ads have in common: attention grabbing, trust development, positive associations, the desire hook and action motivator.

So, let’s look at an ad produced by Total Body Contouring for one of our Platinum Marketing customers, Artisan Aesthetics in Tampa, and compare it to the “5 elements”. Take a look at the ad:

1. Attention Grabbing
Sexy music, a sultry voice admonishing you to “take control of your curves”, and a visual of someone appearing to disrobe, are all designed to catch your eye.

2. Trust Development
The practice offering this ad is obviously qualified to offer the GPSLipo service and they show a picture of the doctor to further show their sincerity.

3. Positive Associations
AdSavvy.org asks, “Have you ever wondered why little babies, cute animals, beautiful women, comedy, celebrities and nostalgia are often found in commercials?” Because all these images tend to evoke positive feelings in the people watching. This ad features a unquestionably beautiful physique but in an inspirational way.

4. The Desire Hook
AdSavvy.org reminds us, “All good advertisements tell a story about a product and why the consumer would be better off with the product.” Here the ad needs less than 30-seconds to remind you that there is a “sleeker, sexier you just waiting to emerge”… doesn’t everyone want that?

5. Action Motivator
Once the ad has hooked you into thinking about how to unleash a “sexier you”, it them quickly tells you there is a qualified doctor, in your area, who can help you do it! “Call today!” is the call to action message and the contact information is displayed for your convenience.

commentSeems simple but simple isn’t always easy! Leave us a comment below about your successful TV ad, and be sure to include a link so we can take a look. Also, let us know your advertising questions. Total Body Contouring customers receive a customized TV ad for their device and market when they purchase a qualifying device. Learn more about our Platinum Marketing program and how you can expand your practice.