Chelsea wants to have GPSLipo to change her figure

We met Chelsea in her “Patient Journal Day One” blog post when she described why she chose GPSLipo and took us through her experience of the procedure.  Read her earlier blog post.


Chelsea, from Atlanta, GA,  is a 33 year old, single mother of twin 11-yr old girls, who is a singer/dancer performing with the band “Party on the Moon.”  She is also an entrepreneur who owns a small auto parts distribution company. 

  • Lifestyle:  Active;  Professional performer  who sings and dances on stage up to 3 hours per performance 
  • Diet/Exercise:  healthy diet and exercises 4 times per week
  • Problem areas:  abdomen and love-handles
I am writing this the day after my procedure and it’s hard to believe how easy the recovery has been!  I was not sure what to expect when they told me that I could be back on my feet quickly, but it was really true!  The afternoon of the day I had my GPSLipo procedure, I went out to lunch, and then on to my girls’ soccer game, and I felt surprisingly good. The girls won and we had a lot of fun.  That night I slept well and only took ibuprofen for the swelling and the prescription pain medicine given me by the doctor.  I plan to stop the prescription in the next day or so.

Before I had the GPSLipo, I’d talked to a friend to tell her that I was having lipo and she said, “You won’t see much difference.” This friend had lipo herself a while ago, and no one could ever tell that she had it done.  I was worried that I would have a disappointing result, but the next day I couldn’t believe how much the swelling had gone down and how flat my tummy was already!

Chelsea day after GPSLipo

The day before GPSLipo… and the day after!

Just one day after my procedure and I am ecstatic with my results already. I have the flat abs I wanted and without weeks of recovery.  I really can’t believe it. I will be wearing the compression garment or a Spanx under my clothes for a while so I hope that I will keep seeing my skin getting tighter and my abs getting flatter.


I will post again after my next on-stage performance so you can see how I look on stage!