Trends in Aesthetic Treatments: Chin Reshaping

Chin reshaping is sought after by medical aesthetic patients

Both workplace and social interactions now typically feature an additional tool for adding insecurity to even the most self-confident individual. It’s called Skype, Facetime or video chatting, and its turning faces into fishbowl reflections that expand the chin, reveal its lack of definition and highlight every wrinkle.  As a result, according to the ASPS, chin surgery is skyrocketing among every major demographic.

Meeting Changing Patient Expectations

Those who undertake aesthetic procedures wish to do so as stealthily as possible and are tending towards quick, non-invasive procedures that they can undergo before the next business meeting.  This is why traffic is being driven toward chin contouring treatments with no scarring.

  • The market for minimally invasive procedures is experiencing a boom of note this year, bringing in $13.8 million dollars in the US alone. This reveals an 87% rise in two years.
  • Plastic surgery is also receiving increased attention from two previously diminutive markets: men and teenagers.
  • However, ablative procedures are losing momentum in the aesthetic market as client expectations rise.

Patients expect their treatments, including chin reshaping, to be efficient and minimally invasive, and they want their downtime to be negligible.  Essentially, they want to have their cake and eat it too, and this isn’t a hassle for the surgeon with a full toolbox –it’s all possible with today’s technology.

Chin Contouring with Radio Frequency

Radio frequency contouring works by delivering electrons to the deep dermal layers and beneath without damaging the skin. This induces microscopic changes and contraction of collagen, resulting in a more sculpted chin. At the same time, RF assisted chin reshaping has shown a significant capacity to contour this area and tighten the skin without excision, bringing every man and woman the web-cam  image they desire and the capacity to confidently compete in the workplace.

EndyMed RF radio frequency used on chin reshapingRF procedures are FDA approved and have shown to be effective and safe when distribution of light is consistent. This demands a machine with controlled heat delivery like the EndyMed Pro.  Study after study has proven it to be entirely non-ablative, non-invasive and lacking in adverse effects.  You can read clinical papers  about the EndyMed Pro on the Total Body Contouring website.  Tests proving its efficacy are piling up in equal numbers.

Advanced Chin Sculpting with 

However, while the contouring possible with RF procedures will be dramatic for many of your patients, some may require the power and precision of laser assisted GPSLipo with the LipoControl laser to Chin expertly sculpted with Osyris Medical laser lipoachieve the desired result.  Thanks to its revolutionary and patented “GPS” technology of control and regulation, the LipoControl laser system shows an accurate and controlled on- screen amount of energy delivery for maximized results.  Using the specially designed cannula, you can closely monitor the amount of energy that is being delivered in the treatment area to help you safely reach an amazing patient result.

Pair GPSLipo with Radio Frequency to Achieve an Even More Refined Result

Together, radio frequency and GPSLipo are an excellent pairing that gives patients the chin reshaping that will make even their Skype images gorgeous. Surgeons who have their choice from this little tool kit of two are able to create a customized process fit for every unique patient. While laser lipolysis does the adipose removal, RF targets sagging skin and reshapes the jawline, achieving a contoured surface that rivals perfection.

Want to learn more? EndyMed for Radio Frequency