Inspire Your Patients to… Defy Gravity

Chin reshaping with GPSLipo or EndyMedGravity might seem like an inevitable force of nature, firmly pulling everything in its path toward the Earth… Not for your patients who want to defy it!  With your help, your patients can fight back against the downward pull of gravity,  and actually return their targeted areas to their former upright and locked positions.   If there is unwanted fat in the target area, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoControl laser.  You may also offer your patients the dramatic skin tightening benefits of the EndyMed PRO Radio Frequncy device.

Inspire Your Patients to… Love their Thighs

Smooth and tighten the thighs with EndyMed and GPSLipoMany people want to improve the appearance of the skin on their thighs:  either with circumferential reduction, body contouring or smoothing of the skin.  If there is unwanted fat to be removed, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoContol laser.  You may also offer your patients treatments with the EndyMed PRO RF which can dramatically reduce the circumference as well as smooth and tighten the skin.

Inspire Your Patients to… Make a Big Change

Body sculpting with the laser lipoSome patients feel they just can’t get the results they want on their own.  Show your patients the possibilities!  Offer them the opportunity to achieve a dramatic result when you couple your medical expertise with the precision and safety of the GPSLipo procedure performed with the LipoControl laser.

Inspire Your Patients to… Turn back Time

Vampire Facelift for facial linesFine lines can add age to any face.  Help your patients to discover a natural alternative that has been found, in recent studies, to be effective in the rejuvenation of photo-aged skin and wrinkle reduction when used as a dermal filler.  Using your patients own blood, spun down to extract the platelet-rich plasma, you can help them turn back the clock with no chemicals or toxins!  Offer your patients The Vamipre Facelift (PRP.)

Inspire Your Patients to… Cross the Finish Line

For your “almost there” patients, who have done all they can with exercise, but still have a few problem areas.  You can help them achieve their goals!  You can safely and precisely remove unwanted fat, while tightening the skin and contouring their figure.  Offer your patients GPSLipo.