Patient Journal Day One: “GPSLipo just fits my lifestyle.”

Chelsea wants to have GPSLipo to change her figureMeet Chelsea Allen of Atlanta, GA.  She is a 33 year old, single mother of twin 11-yr old girls, who is a singer/dancer performing with the band “Party on the Moon.”  She is also an entrepreneur who owns a small auto parts distribution company. 

  • Lifestyle:  Active;  Professional performer  who sings and dances on stage up to 3 hours per performance 
  • Diet/Exercise:  healthy diet and exercises 4 times per week
  • Problem areas:  abdomen and love-handles

I had 7 and 8 pound twin girls 11 years ago, and I have just never gotten my body back. I was on bed rest for 6 months and that period of inactivity really allowed the weight to pile on.  I am really frustrated that I spent my 20’s in a body that did not match me or my life, but at the time I did not have the support that I needed to really focus on what was going on with my body.  Now that my girls are older and more active, I realize that I need to focus on myself for a minute so that I can give them all the support they will need from me in their teen years.

I have tried to lose the weight on my own with a healthy diet and working out 4 times per week, but after all these years of living life with my girls, performing on stage and running my business in this post-baby body,  I decided to get help.

I’ve looked at surgical options, and since my problem areas are my abdomen and love-handles, I considered a tummy tuck or liposuction.  I have been on two consults with doctors about the tummy tuck and just couldn’t see how I could afford the weeks of recovery time.  I remember how hard it was to recover from my C-section and I wasn’t looking forward to another abdominal incision.  But I wanted to make a change in my body, so I had a breast augmentation instead since the recovery time was less!  At this point, I had just decided to live with my body for a few more years until I found the time to have the tummy tuck.

I considered GPSLipo after a friend told me about it and put me in touch with Dr. Kavali.  I have decided to try it since it sounds like this procedure will fit my lifestyle and will not keep me off my feet, or off stage, for very long.  Based on what I’ve read and been told, this procedure is minimally invasive, so I can get the results I want with almost no down time.  I was afraid to hope for too much, so I told myself that if this GPSLipo didn’t work for me, that I could still always get my tummy tuck someday!

Chelsea before GPSLipo
The day before my surgery.

This is me the day before my procedure.  After 11 years, that pouch has to go!

On the day of my procedure, it was a really easy process.  I arrived at the doctor’s office, changed into a robe, took the before pictures, and the doctor marked my areas that were to be treated:  my abdomen and love handles.  I was given a local anesthetic which felt like a pricking followed by a stinging sensation.  Then I felt the sensation of being flooded with water… like I was being filled up with a water hose.  The doctor told me they inject the fluid to make it easier to target the fat.

Chelsea at the soccer game the day she had GPSLIpo
After the procedure, I went to lunch and then on to my girls’ soccer game.

Since I was awake during the procedure, I could feel the weird sensation of the doctor moving the cannula back and forth. The area around my C-section and my belly button were sensitive, but the doctor monitored my pain and if I felt any discomfort, she numbed the sensitive area.  In my mind, I was nervous there would be pain when I least expected it, so I was sort of tense.  To help me relax, I brought my iPad and watched a movie during the whole thing.

When the procedure was complete, the doctor inserted the sutures, and I sat up on the table.  I did not feel woozy or anything!  I put on the compression undergarment that the doctor gave me to help in my healing and skin tightening, got dressed, got in the car and went home.  Seemed too easy to be true!

Later that afternoon, we went for lunch and then on to my girls’ soccer game.  They won and I couldn’t believe how good I felt!  I’ll write again to update how I look and feel on the day after the procedure.


Inspire Your Patients to… Defy Gravity

Chin reshaping with GPSLipo or EndyMedGravity might seem like an inevitable force of nature, firmly pulling everything in its path toward the Earth… Not for your patients who want to defy it!  With your help, your patients can fight back against the downward pull of gravity,  and actually return their targeted areas to their former upright and locked positions.   If there is unwanted fat in the target area, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoControl laser.  You may also offer your patients the dramatic skin tightening benefits of the EndyMed PRO Radio Frequncy device.


The Real Vampire Facelift With Regenlab Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Vampire Facelift is fast becoming popular with doctors practicing aesthetic medicine who are looking for dramatic ways to turn back the clock with great facial results for their clients. As the therapy promises dramatic results, it is a great choice for your patients looking for natural treatment that yield result while eliminating risks of allergic reaction or even rejection of substances commonly found in other dermal fillers like Botolinum Toxin or Hyaluronic Acid.

 PRP :  a natural alternative

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has a long history of effective treatments in surgical fields. The Vampire Facelift mainly targets regeneration and revitalization of face, hand and neck- as the platelets stimulate collagen for healing. This remains a favored choice as a non-surgical solution with zero-downtime. The PRP has high concentration of human platelets in a small volume of plasma- 1,000,000 platelets per mm3. This concentration is almost 2-3 times the normal concentration of blood at pH7.

How Does it Work?

About 8ml of the patient’s blood is drawn and is then spun in the centrifuge for almost 7 minutes. This process separates the blood into its base components- plasma and cells. The plasma is processed and Vampire facelift injectionsextracted from the tube to be injected into the concerned area/s to be treated for Vampire Facelift. Selected areas or the entire face can be treated.

It is the platelets that stimulate collagen for healing. The platelets are processed and are turned into a gel which is called platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). This gel contains growth factors having capacity to activate the stem-cells and regenerate new cells/skin with promises of dramatic result in the concerned area. The gel is similar to other dermal-fillers used for the process, however as it is prepared from the concerned patient’s blood, it has no risks of infection.

The official choice- RegenLab (R)

RegenLab (R) is the source for the official Vampire Facelift. With Regenlab’s superior products, you are sure to get excellent results. The Regen Lab plasma has high quality fundamental protein that helps promote growth factors. It is these growth factors, secreted f

What are the results?

Vampire PRP before and after

A full face Vampire Facelift treatment might require 2 full tubes of PRP, while treating the eye-area might require just one. The results achieved lasts for about 4-6 months, however how many sessions needed depends on area to be treated, age, the results achieved, the results desired after the first sessions.

Vampire Facelift offers a non-surgical “facelift” with almost zero chance of infection and practically no downtime.  For your patients who are not prepared for a more invasive procedure but who want to see dramatic results, the Vampire Facelift will get them on the road to a fresh appearance with reduced wrinkles and fewer deep lines.

See additional before and after photos.

PRP featured in magazineDownload magazine article chronicling how Nicole Bell trials Regen Lab’s platelet-rich plasma procedure for anti-aging and aesthetic rejuvenation.

Download PRP Article


Inspire Your Patients to… Love their Thighs

Smooth and tighten the thighs with EndyMed and GPSLipoMany people want to improve the appearance of the skin on their thighs:  either with circumferential reduction, body contouring or smoothing of the skin.  If there is unwanted fat to be removed, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoContol laser.  You may also offer your patients treatments with the EndyMed PRO RF which can dramatically reduce the circumference as well as smooth and tighten the skin.


Inspire Your Patients to… Make a Big Change

Body sculpting with the laser lipoSome patients feel they just can’t get the results they want on their own.  Show your patients the possibilities!  Offer them the opportunity to achieve a dramatic result when you couple your medical expertise with the precision and safety of the GPSLipo procedure performed with the LipoControl laser.


Inspire Your Patients to… Turn back Time

Vampire Facelift for facial linesFine lines can add age to any face.  Help your patients to discover a natural alternative that has been found, in recent studies, to be effective in the rejuvenation of photo-aged skin and wrinkle reduction when used as a dermal filler.  Using your patients own blood, spun down to extract the platelet-rich plasma, you can help them turn back the clock with no chemicals or toxins!  Offer your patients The Vamipre Facelift (PRP.)


Inspire Your Patients to… Cross the Finish Line

For your “almost there” patients, who have done all they can with exercise, but still have a few problem areas.  You can help them achieve their goals!  You can safely and precisely remove unwanted fat, while tightening the skin and contouring their figure.  Offer your patients GPSLipo.


Chin Reshaping Procedures Skyrocketing Among Body Contouring Patients

Trends in Aesthetic Treatments: Chin Reshaping

Chin reshaping is sought after by medical aesthetic patients

Both workplace and social interactions now typically feature an additional tool for adding insecurity to even the most self-confident individual. It’s called Skype, Facetime or video chatting, and its turning faces into fishbowl reflections that expand the chin, reveal its lack of definition and highlight every wrinkle.  As a result, according to the ASPS, chin surgery is skyrocketing among every major demographic.

Meeting Changing Patient Expectations

Those who undertake aesthetic procedures wish to do so as stealthily as possible and are tending towards quick, non-invasive procedures that they can undergo before the next business meeting.  This is why traffic is being driven toward chin contouring treatments with no scarring.

  • The market for minimally invasive procedures is experiencing a boom of note this year, bringing in $13.8 million dollars in the US alone. This reveals an 87% rise in two years.
  • Plastic surgery is also receiving increased attention from two previously diminutive markets: men and teenagers.
  • However, ablative procedures are losing momentum in the aesthetic market as client expectations rise.

Patients expect their treatments, including chin reshaping, to be efficient and minimally invasive, and they want their downtime to be negligible.  Essentially, they want to have their cake and eat it too, and this isn’t a hassle for the surgeon with a full toolbox –it’s all possible with today’s technology.

Chin Contouring with Radio Frequency

Radio frequency contouring works by delivering electrons to the deep dermal layers and beneath without damaging the skin. This induces microscopic changes and contraction of collagen, resulting in a more sculpted chin. At the same time, RF assisted chin reshaping has shown a significant capacity to contour this area and tighten the skin without excision, bringing every man and woman the web-cam  image they desire and the capacity to confidently compete in the workplace.

EndyMed RF radio frequency used on chin reshapingRF procedures are FDA approved and have shown to be effective and safe when distribution of light is consistent. This demands a machine with controlled heat delivery like the EndyMed Pro.  Study after study has proven it to be entirely non-ablative, non-invasive and lacking in adverse effects.  You can read clinical papers  about the EndyMed Pro on the Total Body Contouring website.  Tests proving its efficacy are piling up in equal numbers.

Advanced Chin Sculpting with 

However, while the contouring possible with RF procedures will be dramatic for many of your patients, some may require the power and precision of laser assisted GPSLipo with the LipoControl laser to Chin expertly sculpted with Osyris Medical laser lipoachieve the desired result.  Thanks to its revolutionary and patented “GPS” technology of control and regulation, the LipoControl laser system shows an accurate and controlled on- screen amount of energy delivery for maximized results.  Using the specially designed cannula, you can closely monitor the amount of energy that is being delivered in the treatment area to help you safely reach an amazing patient result.

Pair GPSLipo with Radio Frequency to Achieve an Even More Refined Result

Together, radio frequency and GPSLipo are an excellent pairing that gives patients the chin reshaping that will make even their Skype images gorgeous. Surgeons who have their choice from this little tool kit of two are able to create a customized process fit for every unique patient. While laser lipolysis does the adipose removal, RF targets sagging skin and reshapes the jawline, achieving a contoured surface that rivals perfection.

Want to learn more? EndyMed for Radio Frequency