Inspire Your Patients to… Keep the Love – Lose the Handle!

GPSLipo used on love handles

We all want love but we don’t necessarily want it to grab us by the handle! With your help, your patients can smooth, tighten and reduce their circumference so there is less fat and more figure. If your patient has unwanted fat in their target area, you can offer them the state-of-the art GPSLipo performed with the LipoControl lipo laser. You may also offer your patients the dramatic skin tightening benefits of the EndyMed PRO Radio Frequncy device. Either device can help your patients achieve the figure they have been wanting.


Vampire Facelift featured in the 2013 Oscar SWAG Bag

Vampire Facelift is one of the products offered inthe 2013 Oscar SWAG bag.
Vampire Facelift is one of the products offered in the 2013 Oscar SWAG bag.

All 2013 Oscar nominees went  home winners at this years awards!  They each receive a SWAG gift bag valued at over $47K and includes the state of the art facial treatment:  Vampire Facelift.  The Vampire Facelift® is a trademarked customized procedure, synergistically combining hyaluronic acid fillers (HA) with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) designed to stimulate the collagen in skin, revitalizing skin’s volume, texture, tone and laxity.

Following is a news video featuring Mr. Lash Fary, whose marketing firm, Distinctive Assets, is responsible for selecting all the items that make it into the coveted  the SWAG bags.


Now that Hollywood’s most recognized celebrities will have a chance to try the Vampire Facelift, you can offer your patients a chance to look like a star!  Find our more about adding Vampire Facelift to your practice.


Top Aesthetic Medicine Trends for 2013: Stem Cells for Skin Rejuvenation

According to the International Association for Physcians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM), “…with the Affordable Healthcare Act now moving forward, successful physicians will need to incorporate synergistic non-insurance based modalities into their practices, from advanced acne treatments to hCG for weight loss. Also, price will be a factor in 2013.  While the economy is improving, more and more patients are using social media to seek out aesthetic services in their area, at the best price.”  


As our population ages and more Baby Boomers find themselves working past traditional retirement age, more professionals are turning to aesthetic medicine to help them be more comfortable as they try to stay competitive.  The IAPAM published an article listing the treatments it sees as increasing in popularity for 2013, as driven by this baby-boomer market.  In a short blog series, we will look at IAPAM’s list of the top treatments.

Stem Cells for Skin Rejuvenation

We start our blog series on the top trends by looking at Stem Cells used for Skin Rejuvenation.  According to the IAPAM article,

“Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cells enriched treatments are evolving.  In 2013, PRP therapy will become more mainstream as: its popularity grows, physicians become more aware of this therapy as being used by competitors and colleagues, and the cost of the therapy declines so that it is comparable to botox and dermal filler treatments.

PRP therapy has been widely used in sports medicine and wound management since the late 1990’s.  However, in the early 2000’s, it was found that the topical application of the growth factors contained in PRP “stimulated the rejuvenation of photoaged facial skin, improving its clinical appearance and inducing new collagen synthesis.” Further, the injection of PRP has gained popularity in the last decade, “since it secretes various growth factors with roles in skin regeneration and may induce the synthesis of collagen and other matrix components by stimulating the activation of fibroblasts, thus, rejuvenating the skin.” (Source:  Dae Hun Kim MD et al. Annals of Dermatology. 2011 November; 23(4): 424–431.)”

The Vampire Facelift

Step into 2013 by offering your patients the very best in PRP procedures:  The Vampire Facelift developed by  Dr. Charles Runels.   The Non-surgical Vampire Facelift® Procedure using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from RegenLab has been found, in recent studies, to be effective in the rejuvenation of photo-aged skin and wrinkle reduction when used as a dermal filler.  In his comments about the Vampire Facelift, Dr. Alan Gondinet is quoted as commenting, “This treatment, which has also been titled in the press as ‘Dracula therapy,’ is designed for patients that are looking for a natural treatment without the risk of allergic reactions or rejections like there is with (other filler substances like botox) .  The patient acceptance is superior to most other aesthetic treatments and it is facinating to see what results our own biological material can achieve…”  

The Vampire Facilift can expect to grow in popularity as the trend towards “organic” treatments continue, as expected by the IAPAM.  Learn more about Vampire Facelift.

Vampire Facelift featured on The Doctors.


Billion-dollar Nonsurgical Market Fuels Growth of Physician-directed Spas

The following excerpt from an article originally published in “Medical Economics” offers some great food for thought on how to expand your current practice to include high-demand aesthetic treatments and procedures:

  • “Offering cosmetic services could help you be part of a growing market.
  • Many PCPs are starting with onabotulinumtoxinA, temporary fillers, dermabrasion, chemical peels, and photorejuvenation. You might consider the Vampire Facelift or the EndyMed PRO for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and anti-aging treatments.
  • Consider all the costs including equipment, office space, scheduling, and patient demand.”
“Americans spent $4.1 billion on nearly 8 million nonsurgical cosmetic procedures 2 years ago, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Not only is the market believed to be growing, it’s doing so outside traditional dermatology and plastic surgery specialty areas.
In fact, an increasing number of physician-directed spas are opening in an effort to reshape practice profitability and expand the service mix.Consider that about 5 million nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were performed by aestheticians last year, frequently in a spa setting, says Jeff Russell, executive director of the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM), based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many primary care physicians (PCPs) have decided to meet demand for these services by actively controlling the “med” part of these “medspas.” According to Russell, internists, family physicians, and obstetrician/gynecologists dominate the IAPAM’s training classes.Their interest in the field makes sense when you consider that the bulk of cosmetic procedure clients

are the very people who dominate the patient panels of internists and family physicians. Women aged 35 to 50 years have 44% of these procedures, whereas women between the ages of 51 and 65 have an additional 20%.

As Houston, Texas-based consultant Reed Tinsley, CPA, says, “If you have a fairly young patient base, why let patients go to a dermatologist for basic cosmetic work?” Keith Borglum, CHBC, of Professional Management and Marketing in Santa Rosa, California, adds that PCPs are simply responding to patient demand, especially in areas underserved by dermatologists.

Both consultants agree that having a physician’s credentials tied to a medspa’s service mix adds credibility even if the procedures are not required to be performed by a physician.

Interestingly enough, an IAPAM survey found that 78% of women aged 21 to 60 consider medical credentials important when choosing an aesthetic treatment provider, and most of them would prefer to receive injections and fillers in a medical environment. Although all spas offer these treatments, most of them are not owned by doctors, and physicians often do not provide most treatments themselves.
How can you determine whether adding aesthetic procedures will work for you? Start slowly.

“We recommend that physicians gradually integrate these services into their practices, perhaps seeing aesthetic patients from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays to start,” Russell says. “They can leverage their existing overhead that way and see if they enjoy it.”

The beauty, Russell adds, is that you could start offering these procedures with relatively little upfront capital and potentially reap the benefits of a new cash-based service.”

If you do not have a big enough facility to separate Aesthetic patients from sick patients, adapt the schedule, says Alberto Carro, MD (left). By keeping costs down, he was able to make a profit his first year offering cosmetic services.”

Thanks to Medical Economics for this helpful article.  Read more in Medical Economics about a few considerations to help you evaluate how you might expand your practice.


GPSLipo: Step-by-Step look at the Technology

The GPSLipo procedure utilizes the unique fat mapping feature of the LipoControl laser.  Watch on the video below to see how the on-screen mapping provides essential feedback to the surgeon throughout the procedure.


On the video we see the surgeon using the cannula to outline the  area to be treated and see that a map of the area appears on the monitor.

Then the doctor inserts the cannula and begins moving the laser in the treatment area.  The doctor watches on the monitor to see the energy delivery and to insure laser is contained to the target area.

We can see the heat map on the screen begins to change color:  blue to yellow to indicate increasing energy delivery, and finally changing to red/purple to indicate completion of treatment.

Photo of GPSLipo and LipoControl fat mapping imageThis screen shot image shows how the energy mapping helps to insure complete treatment while minimizing over-treatment.The GPSLipo procedure gives the doctor real feedback during the surgery, rather than depending on manual clues to determine when an area has been completely treated. Even experienced plastic surgeons have commented that it is impossible to “beat the (GPSLipo) machine” in knowing when an area has been optimally treated.Only the GPSLipo procedure with the LipoControl laser utilizes this on-board GPS technology.  Use the comment section below to let us know if you have any questions about this unique device and procedure.  You may also use the links below to learn more.

  attend-a-gpslipo-observation        read-clinical-papers



How Important is it to Grow Your Aesthetics Practice?

social media for aestheticsThere are literally tens of thousands of people searching Google every day doing their own research on the aesthetic procedures they want, like laser lipo, hair removal or cellulite treatments.   There were 12,100 global monthly searches for the term “laser lipo” alone. (source: Hubspot keyword analytics)  Patients, including your current patients, are actively using Google and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp looking for reviews on you, your practice, and outcomes of the aesthetic procedures you’ve performed.

No longer are patients waiting for marketing and advertising to tell them what they need and where to find it.  Today, your success depends on you placing useful, educational information about yourself, your practice, and your services in front of patients in the places where they hang out on the internet.

Too often your best patient candidates are left feeling frustrated because their search results aren’t yielding enough social proof and meaningful information to help them feel prepared to make a decision.   What patients want to find is sound medical information from a doctor they can trust with their health.  What they really want to find is YOU. 

aesthetic blog imageBlogging is one of the best ways to build trust, rapport, and credibility with your target audience. A study from HubSpot shows that business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors.

5 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Today

  1. Get Found on Google – Blogging is one of the best ways to get more visitors to your website. For the low, low price of a few minutes of your time each week, you can add your voice of reason and experience to all the web chatter, become a though leader in the eyes of Google, and raise your website ranking all at once!  (Be sure to include a keyword strategy to optimize your ranking)
  2. Patients Want to Get Educational Information from Their Doctor – Concerned that your blog will look like a self-serving marketing ploy?  In her book “Your Aesthetic Practice,” Catherine Maley sites that patients  “were interested in hearing from their physician periodically…. They saw this more as education than as marketing when the correspondence was informative.”  Provide quality educational content, and your readers will thank you!
  3. Patients Want to Hear from Other Patients – On his blog about social media and healthcare, Dr. Howard J. Luks sited that “80% of consumers trust the recommendation of a friend or colleague.” Can you afford to ignore a number like that? Invite your happy patients to comment on your blog and recognize them when they do.  Send a note thanking them for their input, and perhaps include a gift card they can apply to try a new service… thereby inviting them to continue being a happy patient!
  4. Patients Want to Know You Can Help Them – Write a few articles using anecdotes of aesthetic procedures and treatments from your practice.  Did your lipo procedure change someone’s life?  Did a vein treatment make someone feel more confident?  The goal is to help patients to see themselves in the stories.  Let patients know that you understand how they feel, that many of your patients felt the same way, but that most happy with their decision to have a procedure. (Refer to HIPPA regulations; keep it anonymous and change personal information.)
  5. Patients Want to Know More about You and Your Practice – Did you just attend a really cool conference?  Planning an event in your office?  Add a new person to your team?  You can write about events in the life of your practice in a way that helps patients to feel connected to you.  This is good for attracting new patients, but also is a great retention tool for your current patients.

If you make blogging a weekly exercise, you can build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your patients and at the same time, rank higher in Google search results. Increasing your rank on Google means more visitors to your website.

In the coming weeks, we will talk about how to convert those visitors into qualified leads, and then how to convert those leads into new clients.

comment on our aesthetic blogWe would love to hear how you are using social media to grow your business. What trials and tribulations, and successes can you share? Please add them, as well as any questions, in the comments section below.


Patient Video Journal: Procedure Day Interview

We met Chelsea Allen as she was having her GPSLipo procedure on her abdomen and love-handles. Listen as Chelsea reflects on her procedure in this video journal taken in the doctor’s office just minutes after the procedure was completed!


See how Chelsea looked just before and moments after her GPSLipo procedure:

Chelsea day after GPSLipo
The day before GPSLipo… and the day after!

Chelsea saw so much improvement right away that she told her procedure-day story in two blog posts that have been posted here already.

Read from Chelsea’s “Patient Journal” about how she went from “before” to “after” in one morning’s visit to her GPSLipo physician!

If you would be interested in speaking to a GPSLipo physician about this procedure to see if it may be right for you, Contact GPSLipo by visiting our website.


Low Cost, No Cost Ways to Get More Patients!

low cost marketing for new patientsKevin Simons (@kstotal) with Total Body Contouring (@tbcontouring) recently hosted the webinar, “Low Cost, No Cost Ways to Get More Patients, NOW!” with guest speaker, Catherine Maley, author and consultant, with Cosmetic Image Marketing (@catherinemaley).  Listen now!

On the webinar, Kevin discussed the newest technology for laser lipo, the GPSLipo procedure, and then Catherine followed-up with strategies for how a practice could market any new technology they acquire.

Here are just a couple of the marketing tips  Catherine shared during the webinar:

Low cost way to get more patients

Receptionist Ad/On Hold Message:  Although you don’t want to keep your cash-paying aesthetic patients on hold, take advantage of these idle moments with your patient to tell them about your new services and procedures.  Also, your receptionist can change her welcome comments to include, “Thank you for calling, Dr. Smith’s office, now offering GPSLipo.  This is Cindy, how may I help you?”


Using "Ask Me About" tools to spark new patients

“Ask Me About Tools”:  Catherine suggested that practices can use “ask me about…” tools to get patients to inquire about new or featured services.  Staff can wear buttons that say, “Ask Me About… GPSLipo” or lobby collateral can invite the patient to “Ask Us About…Body Contouring” making it easier for the curious patient to feel confident in asking their question.   Staff just needs to be prepped to give a quick, informative answer designed to lead to a consult or an appointment.

Listen to the webinar recording and watch the slide show to hear all of Catherine’s suggestions and how Total Body Contouring’s multidisciplinary training and television and internet marketing programs can help your practice to not only acquire new technology, but to also successfully market your practice. Learn more about Catherine Maley’s marketing strategies and published words by visiting



Take Advantage of 2012 Tax Deductions… Before They Expire!

Enjoy a little tax contouring with Total Body ContouringDoctors, and others business owners, who acquire equipment for their business: medical devices, machinery, computers, and other tangible goods, usually prefer to deduct the cost in a single tax year, rather than a little at a time over a number of years.  This deduction is known by its section in the tax code: a Section 179 deduction.

According to, “both the ‘Tax Relief Act of 2010’ as well as the ‘Jobs Act of 2010’ that passed in late 2010 affected Section 179 in a positive way for this 2012 tax year.

Following are the highlights for the 2012 tax year:

2012 Deduction Limit = $139,000:  This means you are eligible to deduct $139,000 of the purchase of your equipment from your taxes.

2012 Limit on Capital Purchases = $560,000:   Section 179 Threshold for total of equipment & software that can be purchased has increased to $560,000.

2012 Bonus Depreciation = 50%:   The new law allows 50% “Bonus Depreciation” on qualified assets placed in service during 2012.”

There is still time left to purchase your GPSLipo or other aesthetic equipment and be eligible for  the dramatic 2012 tax savings!

2012 Section 179 Deduction calculationVisit the tax calculator to run a few scenarios.  Here is a quick example of an average device purchase:

With these savings available for the current tax year, now is a very good time to learn more about available new technologies, and consider investing in your practice.

Learn more about GPSLipo:  the safest, most precise procedure for removing unwanted fat, or register to attend one of our LIVE procedure observations.

Learn more about EndyMed Pro: use the power of radio frequency to reach deep levels of skin tightening and body contouring.

Contact us at Total Body Contouring to discuss creative ways to grow your practice.


Patient Journal Day Two: “I am ecstatic with my result already!”

Chelsea wants to have GPSLipo to change her figure

We met Chelsea in her “Patient Journal Day One” blog post when she described why she chose GPSLipo and took us through her experience of the procedure.  Read her earlier blog post.


Chelsea, from Atlanta, GA,  is a 33 year old, single mother of twin 11-yr old girls, who is a singer/dancer performing with the band “Party on the Moon.”  She is also an entrepreneur who owns a small auto parts distribution company. 

  • Lifestyle:  Active;  Professional performer  who sings and dances on stage up to 3 hours per performance 
  • Diet/Exercise:  healthy diet and exercises 4 times per week
  • Problem areas:  abdomen and love-handles
I am writing this the day after my procedure and it’s hard to believe how easy the recovery has been!  I was not sure what to expect when they told me that I could be back on my feet quickly, but it was really true!  The afternoon of the day I had my GPSLipo procedure, I went out to lunch, and then on to my girls’ soccer game, and I felt surprisingly good. The girls won and we had a lot of fun.  That night I slept well and only took ibuprofen for the swelling and the prescription pain medicine given me by the doctor.  I plan to stop the prescription in the next day or so.

Before I had the GPSLipo, I’d talked to a friend to tell her that I was having lipo and she said, “You won’t see much difference.” This friend had lipo herself a while ago, and no one could ever tell that she had it done.  I was worried that I would have a disappointing result, but the next day I couldn’t believe how much the swelling had gone down and how flat my tummy was already!

Chelsea day after GPSLipo
The day before GPSLipo… and the day after!

Just one day after my procedure and I am ecstatic with my results already. I have the flat abs I wanted and without weeks of recovery.  I really can’t believe it. I will be wearing the compression garment or a Spanx under my clothes for a while so I hope that I will keep seeing my skin getting tighter and my abs getting flatter.


I will post again after my next on-stage performance so you can see how I look on stage!