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plastic_surgery cartoonMakeover Your OB/GYN or Family Practice by Incorporating Medical Aesthetics

These days, a woman is no longer content with the idea that the unsightly changes to her body that remain after pregnancy are just badges of motherhood. However, few have the time or resources, or perhaps the courage, for drastic tummy-tucks or other cosmetic surgery. As her doctor and primary consultant on the medical issues surrounding her feminine health, you are in a unique position to provide the trustworthy care and advice she needs when it comes to “mommy makeover” treatments.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America Continuing Medical Education program, in its effort to make sure physicians remain current with OB/GYN clinical procedures, published a white paper in 2010 called Cosmetic Procedures in Gynecology. The report is centered on the growing need for OB/GYN’s to cater to their patients who are interested in non-invasive body contouring, skin tightening, stretch mark and other scar treatments, hair removal, and the like.  According to the program, Americans spent $11.7 billion on aesthetic procedures in 2008, a 162% increase from a decade prior. Women make up roughly 92% of the total aesthetic services market, the paper informs. Among mothers, the popularity of such treatments continues to rise.

Many women are more comfortable consulting with their OB/GYN about holistic approaches to their well-being. William F. Rayburn, MD, MBA, writes in the foreword,

“Aesthetic services provided by the obstetrician-gynecologist fill a need not adequately met by other medical offices, provide safer or more efficacious treatments than those available in nonmedical settings, or may [simply] be more convenient.”

Patients typically have high levels of trust in their OB/GYN providers, due to the level of confidentiality inherent in the service, and physicians benefit from increased revenue and first party payments.

Adding or growing your aesthetics practice is a compelling business case, but how do you get started?  You might start with an informal poll of your patients, taking a sampling of all demographics and pre- and post-partum, and get an idea of what kinds of treatments they are considering or would like to know more about.  Use that insight to then learn how the proper devices can help you can tap into the immensely popular medical aesthetics market.  Many patients will be interested in anti-aging and skin improvement treatments such as can be offered with our MD Pen skin needling, and the non-invasive EndyMed RF body contouring and skin tightening systems. Some may want a more dramatic treatment such as our GPSLipo laser lipo procedure.  Join our “Medical Aesthetics for OB/GYN and Family Practice” group on LinkedIn or connect with us and let us help you design your aesthetic offerings to fit your practice.

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Hmm… Latte or Lipo? Patients Say They Would Give Up Daily Starbucks to Get Lipo.

Choice between laser lipo and latteHow do liposuction products like GPSLipo compare with Starbucks when marketing to women? In a recent study Lippe Taylor and SheSpeaks asked women if they would give up their daily Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for Liposuction:

“64% (of women surveyed) would choose something related to their personal appearance over their daily coffee. “

What would they choose over that skinny-low fat-soy-one sugar-vanilla latte?

  • Fitness classes (34%)
  • Liposuction (16%)
  • Breast implants/reduction (10%)
  • Botox cosmetic (4%)
  • Stick with the coffee! (15%)

Women who are willing to give up their daily coffee are looking for more advanced procedures like GPSLipo which features an on-screen monitor for mapping cannula movement and energy distribution. In a study, 25 patients were treated in the abdomen, thigh and buttocks using a traditional laser liposuction method on one side and the GPSLipo procedure on the other.

  • In the traditional laser liposuction area it was discovered that 22% of the area was not treated, 15% was under treated, 31% of the area was over treated. This causes asymmetries and risk of burns, ultimately leading to unwanted outcomes for the patient.
  • On the side where the GPSLipo was used, the energy was applied evenly and the procedure was faster. The surgeon can visually monitor cannula movement at all times and track how much energy has been applied. The GPSLipo signals the doctor, through a visual mapping system, when clinical endpoint has been reached.

See GPSLipo before and after results and watch videos of the procedure featured on The Doctors.

Inspire Your Patients to… Keep the Love – Lose the Handle!

GPSLipo used on love handles

We all want love but we don’t necessarily want it to grab us by the handle! With your help, your patients can smooth, tighten and reduce their circumference so there is less fat and more figure. If your patient has unwanted fat in their target area, you can offer them the state-of-the art GPSLipo performed with the LipoControl lipo laser. You may also offer your patients the dramatic skin tightening benefits of the EndyMed PRO Radio Frequncy device. Either device can help your patients achieve the figure they have been wanting.

GPSLipo: Step-by-Step look at the Technology

The GPSLipo procedure utilizes the unique fat mapping feature of the LipoControl laser.  Watch on the video below to see how the on-screen mapping provides essential feedback to the surgeon throughout the procedure.


On the video we see the surgeon using the cannula to outline the  area to be treated and see that a map of the area appears on the monitor.

Then the doctor inserts the cannula and begins moving the laser in the treatment area.  The doctor watches on the monitor to see the energy delivery and to insure laser is contained to the target area.

We can see the heat map on the screen begins to change color:  blue to yellow to indicate increasing energy delivery, and finally changing to red/purple to indicate completion of treatment.

Photo of GPSLipo and LipoControl fat mapping imageThis screen shot image shows how the energy mapping helps to insure complete treatment while minimizing over-treatment.The GPSLipo procedure gives the doctor real feedback during the surgery, rather than depending on manual clues to determine when an area has been completely treated. Even experienced plastic surgeons have commented that it is impossible to “beat the (GPSLipo) machine” in knowing when an area has been optimally treated.Only the GPSLipo procedure with the LipoControl laser utilizes this on-board GPS technology.  Use the comment section below to let us know if you have any questions about this unique device and procedure.  You may also use the links below to learn more.

  attend-a-gpslipo-observation        read-clinical-papers


Patient Video Journal: Procedure Day Interview

We met Chelsea Allen as she was having her GPSLipo procedure on her abdomen and love-handles. Listen as Chelsea reflects on her procedure in this video journal taken in the doctor’s office just minutes after the procedure was completed!


See how Chelsea looked just before and moments after her GPSLipo procedure:

Chelsea day after GPSLipo
The day before GPSLipo… and the day after!

Chelsea saw so much improvement right away that she told her procedure-day story in two blog posts that have been posted here already.

Read from Chelsea’s “Patient Journal” about how she went from “before” to “after” in one morning’s visit to her GPSLipo physician!

If you would be interested in speaking to a GPSLipo physician about this procedure to see if it may be right for you, Contact GPSLipo by visiting our website.

Patient Journal Day Two: “I am ecstatic with my result already!”

Chelsea wants to have GPSLipo to change her figure

We met Chelsea in her “Patient Journal Day One” blog post when she described why she chose GPSLipo and took us through her experience of the procedure.  Read her earlier blog post.


Chelsea, from Atlanta, GA,  is a 33 year old, single mother of twin 11-yr old girls, who is a singer/dancer performing with the band “Party on the Moon.”  She is also an entrepreneur who owns a small auto parts distribution company. 

  • Lifestyle:  Active;  Professional performer  who sings and dances on stage up to 3 hours per performance 
  • Diet/Exercise:  healthy diet and exercises 4 times per week
  • Problem areas:  abdomen and love-handles
I am writing this the day after my procedure and it’s hard to believe how easy the recovery has been!  I was not sure what to expect when they told me that I could be back on my feet quickly, but it was really true!  The afternoon of the day I had my GPSLipo procedure, I went out to lunch, and then on to my girls’ soccer game, and I felt surprisingly good. The girls won and we had a lot of fun.  That night I slept well and only took ibuprofen for the swelling and the prescription pain medicine given me by the doctor.  I plan to stop the prescription in the next day or so.

Before I had the GPSLipo, I’d talked to a friend to tell her that I was having lipo and she said, “You won’t see much difference.” This friend had lipo herself a while ago, and no one could ever tell that she had it done.  I was worried that I would have a disappointing result, but the next day I couldn’t believe how much the swelling had gone down and how flat my tummy was already!

Chelsea day after GPSLipo
The day before GPSLipo… and the day after!

Just one day after my procedure and I am ecstatic with my results already. I have the flat abs I wanted and without weeks of recovery.  I really can’t believe it. I will be wearing the compression garment or a Spanx under my clothes for a while so I hope that I will keep seeing my skin getting tighter and my abs getting flatter.


I will post again after my next on-stage performance so you can see how I look on stage!

Patient Journal Day One: “GPSLipo just fits my lifestyle.”

Chelsea wants to have GPSLipo to change her figureMeet Chelsea Allen of Atlanta, GA.  She is a 33 year old, single mother of twin 11-yr old girls, who is a singer/dancer performing with the band “Party on the Moon.”  She is also an entrepreneur who owns a small auto parts distribution company. 

  • Lifestyle:  Active;  Professional performer  who sings and dances on stage up to 3 hours per performance 
  • Diet/Exercise:  healthy diet and exercises 4 times per week
  • Problem areas:  abdomen and love-handles

I had 7 and 8 pound twin girls 11 years ago, and I have just never gotten my body back. I was on bed rest for 6 months and that period of inactivity really allowed the weight to pile on.  I am really frustrated that I spent my 20’s in a body that did not match me or my life, but at the time I did not have the support that I needed to really focus on what was going on with my body.  Now that my girls are older and more active, I realize that I need to focus on myself for a minute so that I can give them all the support they will need from me in their teen years.

I have tried to lose the weight on my own with a healthy diet and working out 4 times per week, but after all these years of living life with my girls, performing on stage and running my business in this post-baby body,  I decided to get help.

I’ve looked at surgical options, and since my problem areas are my abdomen and love-handles, I considered a tummy tuck or liposuction.  I have been on two consults with doctors about the tummy tuck and just couldn’t see how I could afford the weeks of recovery time.  I remember how hard it was to recover from my C-section and I wasn’t looking forward to another abdominal incision.  But I wanted to make a change in my body, so I had a breast augmentation instead since the recovery time was less!  At this point, I had just decided to live with my body for a few more years until I found the time to have the tummy tuck.

I considered GPSLipo after a friend told me about it and put me in touch with Dr. Kavali.  I have decided to try it since it sounds like this procedure will fit my lifestyle and will not keep me off my feet, or off stage, for very long.  Based on what I’ve read and been told, this procedure is minimally invasive, so I can get the results I want with almost no down time.  I was afraid to hope for too much, so I told myself that if this GPSLipo didn’t work for me, that I could still always get my tummy tuck someday!

Chelsea before GPSLipo
The day before my surgery.

This is me the day before my procedure.  After 11 years, that pouch has to go!

On the day of my procedure, it was a really easy process.  I arrived at the doctor’s office, changed into a robe, took the before pictures, and the doctor marked my areas that were to be treated:  my abdomen and love handles.  I was given a local anesthetic which felt like a pricking followed by a stinging sensation.  Then I felt the sensation of being flooded with water… like I was being filled up with a water hose.  The doctor told me they inject the fluid to make it easier to target the fat.

Chelsea at the soccer game the day she had GPSLIpo
After the procedure, I went to lunch and then on to my girls’ soccer game.

Since I was awake during the procedure, I could feel the weird sensation of the doctor moving the cannula back and forth. The area around my C-section and my belly button were sensitive, but the doctor monitored my pain and if I felt any discomfort, she numbed the sensitive area.  In my mind, I was nervous there would be pain when I least expected it, so I was sort of tense.  To help me relax, I brought my iPad and watched a movie during the whole thing.

When the procedure was complete, the doctor inserted the sutures, and I sat up on the table.  I did not feel woozy or anything!  I put on the compression undergarment that the doctor gave me to help in my healing and skin tightening, got dressed, got in the car and went home.  Seemed too easy to be true!

Later that afternoon, we went for lunch and then on to my girls’ soccer game.  They won and I couldn’t believe how good I felt!  I’ll write again to update how I look and feel on the day after the procedure.

Inspire Your Patients to… Defy Gravity

Chin reshaping with GPSLipo or EndyMedGravity might seem like an inevitable force of nature, firmly pulling everything in its path toward the Earth… Not for your patients who want to defy it!  With your help, your patients can fight back against the downward pull of gravity,  and actually return their targeted areas to their former upright and locked positions.   If there is unwanted fat in the target area, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoControl laser.  You may also offer your patients the dramatic skin tightening benefits of the EndyMed PRO Radio Frequncy device.

Inspire Your Patients to… Love their Thighs

Smooth and tighten the thighs with EndyMed and GPSLipoMany people want to improve the appearance of the skin on their thighs:  either with circumferential reduction, body contouring or smoothing of the skin.  If there is unwanted fat to be removed, you can offer your patients GPSLipo performed with the LipoContol laser.  You may also offer your patients treatments with the EndyMed PRO RF which can dramatically reduce the circumference as well as smooth and tighten the skin.

Inspire Your Patients to… Make a Big Change

Body sculpting with the laser lipoSome patients feel they just can’t get the results they want on their own.  Show your patients the possibilities!  Offer them the opportunity to achieve a dramatic result when you couple your medical expertise with the precision and safety of the GPSLipo procedure performed with the LipoControl laser.